SPITZ Lay-By Policy

This Lay-By Policy of A&D Spitz (Pty) Ltd (“Spitz”) should be adhered to at all times and is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.

Lay-By Terms & Conditions

1. Identification documents must be provided for verification on entering into a lay-by agreement (“Lay-By Agreement”). 

2. The Lay-By Agreement will state the date when the Lay-By Agreement begins (“Start Date”).

3. A minimum deposit of 25% of the contract price is required.

4. A date of completion must be agreed upon and stipulated in the Lay-By Agreement (“Date of Completion”).

5. The customer must pay the contract price in full on or before the Date of Completion. 

6. The item/s will remain with Spitz until the contract price is paid in full. 

7. The Date of Completion can be for a maximum 4 months from the Start Date.

8. The item/s will be kept for a maximum of 4 months from the Start Date.

9. When item/s are collected, the identification document, verified in terms of clause 1, must be provided.

10. On cancellation of the Lay-By Agreement before the Date of Completion, a 1% cancellation penalty on the contract price will be charged and the balance will be paid back to the customer in cash.

11. If the contract price is not paid in full 60 business days after the Date of Completion, the Lay-By will expire and a 1% penalty will be charged on the contract price and the balance will be paid out in cash.

12. The 1% cancellation penalty will not be charged if the customer’s failure to complete payment was due to the death or hospitalisation of the customer.

13. Items purchased in terms of a Lay-By Agreement are subject to the Spitz Returns Policy.

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